Rolling Boxwood Walls

Description: deep green boxwood walls

Our Rolling Boxwood Walls are not available for Will Call and require delivery.

96"H x 48"W x 24"D

Delivery and set up of arbors and structures, include on-site installation. Depending on where the structure will be placed, The Prettiest Pieces will ensure the arbor/structure is sound, level, and secure as is.

If you are decorating the arbor/structure, or have a florist/other vendor planning to use the arbor as the foundation for a floral installation, hanging signage, etc, they will be responsible for any changes/additions to the integrity, and will need to make sure the arbor/structure remains structurally sound.  

In addition, when our team returns to retrieve the arbor/structure, it should be cleaned of any and all additions to the piece.  If our team has to remove anything from the arbor/structure that was not a part of our original installation, there will be an additional labor charge.

Quantity: 2

Dimensions: 96 x 48 x 24

Tags: backdrop, boxwood