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Preserved Moss Wall

Description: moss wall made with layers of reindeer moss, spanish moss, birch bark and other preserved mosses adds beauty and dimension to the handmade piece.

The piece is not self standing but we secure it to metal pipe and bases (in the back) to allow it to stand on it's own.

Our Moss Wall is not eligible for Will Call and has to be delivered by our team.

Delivery and set up of arbors and structures, includes on-site installation. Depending on where the structure will be placed, The Prettiest Pieces will ensure the arbor/structure is sound, level, and secure.

If you are decorating the arbor/structure, or have a florist/other vendor planning to use the arbor as the foundation for a floral installation, hanging signage, etc, they will be responsible for any changes/additions to the integrity, and will need to make sure the arbor/structure remains structurally sound. Florists and/or planners should come prepared with any items necessary to make the arbor secure once the changes have been made including, but not limited to, sandbags, weights, floral wire, zip ties, etc…

In addition, when our team returns to retrieve the arbor/structure, any and all floral additions, signage, etc… should be removed from the piece. If our team has to remove anything from the arbor/structure that was not a part of our original installation, there will be an additional labor charge.

Quantity: 5

Dimensions: 96 x 96

Tags: backdrop, alter, photo booth, ceremony backdrop, moss wall