Cadillac Holiday Wedding

In the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina, lies a hidden gem of industrial and historic charm—the Cadillac Service Garage. This unique venue, with its rugged yet refined ambiance, set the stage for this traditional and formal wedding. Join me as we step into a world where sophistication meets industrial chic. 

A Grand Entrance: Welcome to the Lounge

As guests arrived at the Cadillac Service Garage, they were greeted by an inviting lounge to set the tone. A charcoal grey Victorian sofa, adorned with plush cushions, stood as a centerpiece of refined elegance. While ivory chairs provided additional seating for guests to mingle and enjoy each other’s company. The atmosphere was one of warmth and sophistication, inviting guests to relax and savor the celebration.

Reception Splendor: Tables of White Flowers and Candlelight

Stepping into the reception space, guests were met with a sight that took their breath away—a sea of tables adorned with pristine white flowers and flickering candlelight. Each table was a masterpiece of understated beauty, with lush arrangements of roses, hydrangeas, and lilies creating a sense of timeless romance. The soft glow of candles cast a warm, intimate ambiance, enveloping the space in a magical aura that captivated all who entered.

Orchids Everywhere: A Touch of Exotic Elegance

Throughout the reception space, orchids made their presence known, adding a touch of exotic elegance to the proceedings. From cascading centerpieces to delicate accents, these ethereal blooms lent a sense of luxury and to every corner of the venue. Their delicate petals and vibrant hues served as a fitting complement to the classic white flowers.

Celebrating Love in Style

Against the backdrop of the Cadillac Service Garage’s industrial charm, this formal wedding unfolded with grace and grandeur. From the welcoming lounge with its Victorian sofa to the reception adorned with white flowers and romantic candlelight. Every detail was thoughtfully curated to reflect the timeless elegance of the occasion. As guests raised their glasses to toast, it was clear that love had found its perfect expression in this unforgettable celebration.


Planning: Events by Summer Joy, Florals: Jenny’s Projects Floral Design, Catering: 1618 on Location, Photography: Ellie McKinney Photography, Chalkboards: Rustic Roots Lettering, Hair & Makeup: The Beauty Tribe

Create Your Own Love Story

If you’re dreaming of a wedding that combines tradition with sophistication, look no further than the Cadillac Service Garage. With its industrial and historic charm, it provides the perfect backdrop for a love story that’s as timeless as it is elegant. Let your imagination soar as you envision your own wedding day unfolding amidst the beauty of this extraordinary venue. The possibilities are endless, and the memories will last a lifetime.